Madeira Sofa 2.5 seater left with 3 seater right


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Armchair Madeira 110cm
Sofa Madeira 1,5 seater 125cm
Sofa Madeira 2 seater 170cm
Sofa Madeira 2.5 seater 200cm
Sofa Madeira 3 seater 230cm
Sofa Madeira 4 seater 260cm
Element Madeira 1 seater with 1 arm 86cm
Element Madeira 1.5 seater with 1 arm 101cm
Element Madeira 2 seater with 1 arm 146cm
Element Madeira 2.5 seater with 1 arm 176cm
Element Madeira 3 seater with 1 arm 206cm
Element Madeira 4 seater with 1 arm 236cm
Element Madeira 1 seater no arm 62cm
Element Madeira 1,5 seater no arm 77cm
Element Madeira 2 seater no arm 122cm
Element Madeira 2.5 seater no arm 152cm
Element Madeira 3 seater no arm 182cm
Element Madeira 4 seater no arm 210cm
Corner element Madeira 90 degrees 96 cm
Chaise longue Madeira narrow 85cm wide 160cm deep
Chaise longue Madeira wide 100cm wide 160cm deep
Total depth 98cm
Seat depth 62cm
Seat height 44cm
Total height 76cm
Back cushion height 43cm
arm height 57cm
Arm width 24cm

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2.5 seater left with 3 seater right